Unearthing Underrated Yet Incredibly Amazing Hikes In Dallas

View Of People Hiking

Dallas is a beautiful place that has a lot of natural attractions that instantly appeal the visitors. Locals love to embark upon a number of outdoor activities on weekends or whenever they find time. They are always thrilled to go hiking and discover some amazing trails in Dallas. Luckily, there is no dearth of some great trails here. Tourists too love visiting Dallas as the place has a lot to offer. So, the tourists could also explore some of the little known yet incredibly amazing hikes in Dallas. Some of these great trails or hikes are listed here.

Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center

The trails here extend 2-3 miles, and are located in Cedar Hill in Dogwood Canyon. There are some amazing hikes here, including the one that takes one to a height of 300 ft; thereby extending one from the canyon floor right to the top of the hill. Moreover, one gets a chance to see some of the exotic plants and birds as well on their way. For instance, one gets a chance to see the rare bird called ‘black-chinned Hummingbird.’

Oak Point Nature Preserve

It is a 7.9 mile loop actually that is full of great features. The loop offers a chance to the visitors to experience the great natural beauty. The views are appealing to the eyes and offer instant soothing effects. However, as the trails take one to the nature one could expect to see some wild creatures including foxes, snakes, opossums, etc. So, one must go well-prepared.

Besides, there are amazing options of plant-sighting, bird-watching, etc. The overall scenery is compelling.

North Shore Trail

North Shore Trail extends till 12 miles and is a treat to visit, especially because of the lake here. The experience of hiking the trail during the sunset time is amazing. Bikers love this spot because the trails are suitable for biking. Overall, the place offers great hiking experience.

Oak Cliff Nature Preserve

It is a 7.8 mile loop located in Oak Cliff. The preserve spans 121 acre area, and offers great refreshing experience to tourists. Moreover, one comes across two creeks while hiking the trails. There are a number of scenic wooded spots and open fields. So, visitors get a great chance to get closer to nature.

Harry Moss Trail

Harry Moss Trail is another unassuming yet thoroughly amazing spot to visit. There is a river along the way which is a great find for people. Nature lovers love to hike here since they get stunning views of the surroundings. There is a 5.5 mile loop to hike here. However, one must take proper precautions beforehand since there are a number of snakes in the area.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Mountain

Again, the spot acts as a great suburban oasis for people with its 2.2 mile loop. The mountain spans 200 acres of lush green area in the Blackland Prairie terrain. One is invariably delighted to observe nature closely and discover small twists, creeks, and turns that always give a feeling that one is far away from the civilized world. One comes across amazing species of wildlife as well.

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