Unearthing Extremely Beautiful Hikes To Explore In Dallas

Picture Of Leonhardt LagoIn At The Fair Park In Dallas

Dallas has always attracted a great number of tourists from all over the world. The best part about visiting Dallas is that besides the glittering city and amazing marketplaces there is a great variety of natural spots here that offer truly invigorating experience. So, there is no dearth of beautiful trails here that never fail to mesmerize the visitors. Here are some of the great trails to traverse in Dallas for experiencing that hypnotic and magnetic charm.

Cedar Ridge Preserve

Cedar Ridge Preserve is a wonderful trail near the famous Joe Pool Lake. It is a hilly trail that provides incredible vistas. There are countless creeks on the way that offer welcome respite to the hikers. One could sit on the benches under the shade, and hear to the melodious sounds of birds. The whole experience is thoroughly refreshing and calming. It is hard not to get hypnotized by the surroundings.

Spring Creek Forest Trail

Spring Creek Forest Trail is cherished by all those who crave for solitude. It is a great trail for people who love to commune with nature. The dirt trail leads one into the forests full of walnut and oak trees. The best part about hiking here is that it is not crowded at all. So, one could sit on the way and contemplate about life, and the tranquil atmosphere is perfectly suitable for this.

Texas Buckeye Trail

Texas Buckeye Trail is for all those who are looking for unlimited adventure and fun. It is a great hike that takes one to a completely different world, especially after one passes through Trinity River Levee. There are stunning sites on the way that the trail offers, as one could see swamp privet beautifully covered in unmistakable yellow blossoms. And then, there is the grove solely of buckeye trees, right along Trinity’s banks. A number of birds are attracted by this mesmerizing setting, including hummingbirds and wild bees. Adventure loving people could always head further inside and explore the wild regions, and probably reach the point of contact of Trinity River with White Rock Creek.

Piedmont Ridge

Piedmont Ridge is another great trail that offers great solitude to people. The surrounding vistas have overpowering influence on people and they are seen to put into trance by the mesmerizing setting of the place. The trail is easily accessible via Grover Keeton Park. The trail takes one along an unmistakable white rock escarpment. However, it is a real fun trekking this hilly path.

Lower Wetland Cells

Lower Wetland Cells trail offers people a chance to connect with nature. One could also see the skyline in the distance though. The trails are of dirt and gravel and quite easy to hike. So, the trails are suitable for all sorts of travellers. The best part about hiking the trail is that one comes across a number of birds here, like kestrels, white pelicans, etc.

Lemmon Lake

The trail leading to Lemmon Lake is really refreshing. One comes across such birds as roseate spoonbills, white-faced ibis, and wood storks, to name a few. The atmosphere is tranquil. One gets plenty of chance to connect with nature here.

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