Unearthing Appealing Facts About The Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas

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The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas is situated on 411 Elm Street. It chronicles the life details of President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated. The reason why it is called ‘The Sixth Floor Museum’ is simply because it is situated on 6th floor of ‘The Dallas County Administration Building’, which was earlier known by the name ‘The Texas School Book Depository.’ Here are some appealing facts about ‘The Sixth Floor Museum.’

Efforts Behind Opening Of The Museum

The museum came up with the determined efforts of Dallas County Officials, who took it upon them to build a museum that was dedicated to the great President of United States Of America, John F. Kennedy. Moreover, there were some volunteers as well who extended their wholehearted support in order to set up the museum. These volunteers include Lindalyn Bennett Adams, and some other members of Dallas County Historical Foundation. The museum was finally opened to the public on February 20, 1989.

Mixed Experience

Visit to the museum offers mixed experience since one recalls the pain associated with the killing of the great President of the US. It has around 400 photographs and around 6 shorts films that are dedicated to the study of life and death of John F. Kennedy. There are a number of artefacts as well that offer great insight into his life. Moreover, one also learns what transpired after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, including some conspiracy theories that were suggested after this tragic incident.

Availability Of Audio Tours

Visit to the museum leaves one enriched with information and historical facts about how John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Moreover, the museum also uncovers some other interesting facts about the great personality. Furthermore, the best part is the availability of audio tours in English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. This is a great plus for the visitors, since they could understand things and gain knowledge without any communication gap.

Availability Of Children’s Audio Guide

Quite unlike the experience of visiting other museums, children are enthralled on visiting the museum, since they have access to Children’s audio guide here, which is available in English, and enables the children to learn intriguing facts about John F. Kennedy in a simple and straightforward manner.

Speeches Of John F. Kennedy

The museum also contains John F. Kennedy’s speeches that he delivered in 1960. And, along with that there are several campaign photographs as well.

The Museum Store

Another positive of visiting the museum is the availability of The Museum Store that contains a number of newspaper reprints, books, and memorabilia for the visitors. So, it is a vast source of knowledge for people, and broadens their horizons as well. Moreover, it also maintains archives that help the people who are doing research. So, they could always visit the museum for invaluable help.

Memorial Park

There is a Memorial Park that is located at the entrance of Market and Main streets. It contains a Cenotaph and a monument that is dedicated to President John F. Kennedy. It is a great artistic work, and thus a great sight to visit.

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