Top Class Restaurants In Dallas Perfecting In Specific Types Of Cuisine

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Dallas has emerged to become the top class destination with great dining scene. The peculiar feature of the place is that it has perfected in offering immaculately prepared and authentic global dishes to the people of Dallas. So, the dining scene is no longer limited to scrumptious burgers, or BBQ; rather, one could have access to exotic dishes from various different countries. So, the best local restaurants which have perfected in providing international dishes to the visitors are listed here.

Royal China For Chinese Cuisine

The place has achieved immaculate perfection in providing regional and authentic Chinese dishes and delicacies including steamed buns, five-spice duck, gon bao pork, etc. Moreover, the dumplings too are equally exhilarating.

Palayok For Filipino Cuisine

The unpretentious location of the restaurant makes it less known to the general public; however, the place has a number of return diners who couldn’t resist the authentic taste of incredible Filipino dishes including fried chicken, adobo, lumpia, and rice that is served along with two entrees.

Cadot For French Cuisine

People yearning to taste truly amazing and popular French food should visit the restaurant. Among the dishes served here include crusted and crunchy rack of lamb, steak frites, coq au vin, duck a l’orange, to name a few. Moreover, one could choose from a dazzling array of wine and desserts as well.

Bavarian Grill For German Cuisine

Bavarian Grill provides all sorts of Bavarian dishes including a wide range of soups, salads, seafood, sausages, schnitzel, etc.

Stratos Greek Taverna For Greek Cuisine

Stratos Greek Taverna provides mind-boggling Greek dishes including lamb chops oreganatto, spanakopita, and pastitsio, to name a few.

Guatelinda Café For Guatemalan Cuisine

The home-cooked food prepared at Guatelinda Café is completely different from the mundane Tex-Mex dishes that are ubiquitous. One is sure to be stunned with freshly prepared and youthful looking dishes including tostadas, pupusas, enchiladas, etc.

India Palace For Indian Cuisine

Indian Palace has become a hit among the foodies for providing excellently prepared Indian dishes. The best part is that one could eat a wide range of dishes here like kebabs, tandoori classics, tikkas, a dazzling array of nans.

Lucia For Italian Cuisine

Lucia enjoys a thunderous popularity in Dallas, thanks to the conscientious efforts of the owner chef David Uygur, who is not only experienced but also experimental. One is bound to get entranced by the homemade pastas and a wide range of meats served here.

TEI-AN For Japanese Cuisine

Teiichi Sakurai has left no stone unturned in elevating the image of his country by doing complete justice to the dishes that he prepares and presents to the expectant diners. There is a wide range of dishes that one could get here including amazing variety of seafood, rare delicacies, and top class steaks.

Afrah For Mediterranean Cuisine

One simply needs to order a buffet here in order to eat their hot favourite Mediterranean dishes including shwarma, falafel, tabbouleh, za’atar pies, roasted chicken, magmour, etc.

Seoul Garden For Korean Cuisine

The restaurant has become quite popular for the large groups who are interested in exploring Korean cuisine. There is no compromise with the quality while the restaurant caters to large groups of people and churns out a number of dishes including bibimbop, and noodles, to name a few.

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