Extremely Impressive Runs In Dallas That Offer Thoroughly Rejuvenating Experience

 Beautiful View Of White Rock Lake

Extremely Impressive Runs In Dallas That Offer Thoroughly Rejuvenating Experience

Modern lifestyle has taken a huge toll on people’s lives since lifestyle related diseases are quite common among people. However, a majority of people seem to have realized the harmful effects of leading a sedentary lifestyle as they are willing to go for a run. And, they are succeeded in their aim when they are in Dallas since the place has such attractive runs that are going to motivate the runners to run regularly. Here is a list of some extremely impressive runs in Dallas that are hard to miss.

White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake is an oasis located right at the centre of Dallas. It spans in 1015 acres and offers around 9 miles of trails. One gets to experience spectacular views of the Downtown from here. Moreover, the views of sunset from the lake here are simply unsurpassed. The most popular route that people adopt is that they start from Big Thicket Cabin and simply keep going on the asphalt trail that runs around the lake. Above all, there are a number of water fountains on this trail, so people can always quench their thirst on the way.

Katy Trail

Katy Trail used to be an abandoned railroad line earlier, but now it enjoys the distinction of being one of the most popular trails in Dallas. Towards the north end of the trail is SMU, and if one goes 3.5 miles towards the south they come across American Airlines Center. The best part is that there are two types of trails here, one is the concrete trail that is 12 feet wide, and then there is the soft-surface running trail that is around 8 feet wide. So, one could always have the option of choosing the trail they like.

Arbour Hills Nature Preserve

Arbour Hills Nature Preserve’s location is quite unassuming, and the visitors who locate the spot are invariably stunned to see this amazing piece of natural beauty just 20 miles away from Downtown Dallas. It is spread in 200 acres and has paved pathways which take one through the preserve and offer breathtaking views. Apart from this, there are plenty of other unpaved mountain-biking and hiking trails in the preserve, but people need to be wary of the snakes here.

Bachman Lake Trail

There is nothing a runner can ask for than a secluded place with scintillating views of the surroundings. Well, Bachman Lake Trail does just that as 8ft wide trail offers runners a chance to run freely. And moreover, the 3.5 mile long trail runs around Bachman Lake; so, one witnesses the scenic views of Bachman Lake as well. One could access this trail via Lakefield Boulevard or Northwest Highway.

Cedar Ridge Preserve

Cedar Ridge Preserve is another example of nature’s brilliance. There are a number of trails here that offer breathtaking views of the beautiful Joe Pool Lake. The best part is that the trails are suitable for all sorts of people, since there are trails with a lot of descents and inclines besides the flat trails. Apart from this, runners also get a chance to see exotic wildflowers, and birds, along the famous North Texas Blackland Prairie Ecosystem.