Unearthing Greatest Museums In Dallas Offering Elevating Experience

Views Of Kimbell Art Museum

There are a number of things about Dallas that make it a world-class tourist destination. There is a dazzling array of natural locations that offer must sought-after relaxation to the tourists. Moreover, besides, a great variety of restaurants and hotels, the place has countless museums too that offer unlimited knowledge to tourists. The best part is the availability of a number of interactive exhibits in the museum that provide tourists a chance to actually touch the exhibits and learn things by doing. So, here are top class museums in Dallas that offer elevating and entertaining experience to visitors.

Kimbell Art Museum

Kimbell Art Museum has always been successful in casting a hypnotic spell over the tourists, who are invariably stunned by the stunning variety of exhibits here. The artworks are collected from various talented artists all over the world, and in fact, the museum has sweeping artefacts from Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. There are a number of paintings from such great painters as Ruisdael, Poussin, and Guercino, to name a few. Moreover, there is the unmistakable Renzo Piano Pavilion which was recently constructed. Also, the pick of the lot are the travelling exhibits including ‘Islamic Art’ and ‘The Impressionists.’

Nasher Sculpture Center

Nasher Sculpture Center has become a popular landmark in Dallas, thanks to the great collection of exhibits here. The best part is that visitors could touch the exhibits as well. Besides, docent guided tours, self-guided tours, and student tours are offered for tourists.

Perot Museum Of Nature And Science

Parrot Museum of Nature and Science became an instant hit among the general public ever since it came into being. The best part is the availability of a large variety of exhibits here including hands-on, imaginative, and whimsical exhibits. And, there are a huge number of permanent exhibits here including dinosaur skeletons. One is instantly attracted to the great architectural design of the building which is a perfect blend of science and art. The museum is named after Ross Perot, who made it a point to have some unique and compelling exhibits in the museum that could hold the attention of the tourists. This is the reason one is able to locate earthquakes, hands-on activities, music, and virtual reality here.

Fort Worth Museum Of Science And History

Forth Worth Museum of Science and History has always strived hard to provide the best experience to tourists. It was, in fact, Texas’ first children’s museum. Now, it has a number of exciting exhibits including sketches of dinosaurs, exhibits detailing about oil drilling technology, etc. Besides, there are a number of temporary exhibits as well including the favourite exhibits like Chuck Jones, the Indian Jones, etc.

JFK Sixth Floor Museum

Visit to Dallas is certainly incomplete without paying visit to JFK Sixth Floor Museum. It is called ‘Sixth Floor Museum’ simply because it is located on the sixth floor of the building. The museum provides a great insight into the incidents that conspired on the infamous day, that is, November 22, 1963 which led to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. So, one could see a number of things detailing about the incident including videos, artefacts, interviews, etc.

Dallas’ Suburbs That Are As Refreshing And Entrancing As The City

View Of Dallas' Suburbs

Dallas is an appealing place that attracts the attention of a number of people all over the world. There are some intriguing spots in Dallas that are quite mesmerizing. Tourists are invariably enamoured by the culinary scene of the place along with a dazzling array of options like entertainment, shopping, to name a few. What’s more appealing is that not only the Downtown, but the suburbs here are equally attractive. So, here is a list of some of the great suburbs in Dallas.


Richardson is a happening place that has no dearth of restaurants, art centres, including Eisemann Performing Arts Center. The positive point about this place is that it is just 15 miles away from the Downtown. So, as expected, the place is mainly inhabited by the students who find it easy to commute to the city daily in order to attend the university. Apart from this, the place attracts a lot of foodies as well since the culinary scene of the place is simply phenomenal. From small restaurants to comfortable and plush restaurants, the place has all sorts of dining spots. And then, there are other eating options including Richardson Food Truck Park.

The Colony And Frisco

The Colony and Frisco are the northern suburbs of Dallas that are gaining a lot of popularity now. The place is buzz with activity, at least with the culinary scene, as there are plenty of steakhouses, and restaurants specializing in providing Italian, Tex-Mex, Thai food, etc. So, one could locate the sumptuous steak here along with mouth-watering sushi.


Southlake is 30 miles from Downtown Dallas, and is famous for the Southlake Town Center. There are some great eating spots here offering high quality seafood. Apart from this, there is no dearth of entertainment options as well here. Moreover, the best part about living in Southlake is that it is inhabited by the elite and civilized people. So, one could expect a great neighbourhood here, and the decision of relocating to the suburb could be really rewarding thus.


Garland is just 18 miles from the Downtown and spans in a vast area. The best part about living in Garland is that one could enjoy great food from all sorts of cuisines, thanks to the multicultural environment here. Moreover, the houses here are not only attractive and funky but also affordable. So, it is a perfect place for those who are looking to move out of the frenzied life in the city.


Carrallton is gaining popularity now. The concept of sports bars is hugely popular here since a number of people spill all over the gastropubs here in order to enjoy the best craft beers while enjoying the match of their favourite teams. The best part is that one is able to find a number of homes and apartments here that are affordable. Moreover, getting to the city is quite easy as one could simply hop in the public transportation. Though, there aren’t plenty of options of entertainment, but the easy accessibility of the place to Dallas and Denton doesn’t make residents feel that they are away from the cultural events.