Topmost Hiking Trails In Dallas That Tourists Should Never Miss

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Dallas is quite unlike other cities that have a lot of concrete houses to stay, and a dazzling array of buildings to watch. This is because by putting a little effort one could locate a number of forests and other secluded areas that are suitable for hiking. Tourists are invariably amazed to locate such spots in Dallas. Here are topmost hiking trails in Dallas.

Spring Creek Forest

Spring Creek Forest area is known for its pristine beauty since the beautiful varieties of trees here are almost untouched. One could traverse through a number of scintillating trails that snake through the pristine and tranquil forests. The best part is that the trails cater to the demands of varied visitors, as there is an equal number of short trails with minimum difficulty in transcending, as well as long trails that are full of challenging hikes. Moreover, there are trails that lead one through the dense forests as well. There are some unmarked trails as well, but they are easy to follow and there is no risk of getting lost.

Cedar Ridge Nature Center

Cedar Ridge Nature Center is located right at the top of White Rock Escarpment. The area spans 600 acres and is full of wooded hills. The trails start right from the parking area. Among the many soothing trails is 1.7 mile long Cedar Break Trail which takes one through a hill, and a creek, before taking one onto the top of escarpment. One meanders through thick red cedar forests as well along their way.

Also, there is the Cattail Pond Trail which is also very fascinating. It is particularly liked by the kids since it is easy to traverse, and also offers a chance to see fish and turtles. Besides, there are countless other trails which offer great rejuvenating experience.

Arbor Hills Nature Center

Arbor Hills Nature Center spans 200 acres of area. The spot is liked by people from all walks of life since it has a great variety to offer to the visitors. Stroller enjoy the paved trails here that extend up to 2.3 miles, and then, there are dirt loops as well that are suitable for mountain bikers. Similarly, there are other natural surface trails that are liked by nature lovers. Hikers are invariably amazed to witness a great variety of local ecosystems here including Blackland Prairie, Riparian Forests that are full of pecan and bur oak, and Upland Forest containing hackberry, cedar elm, and bois d’arc.

Trinity River Audubon Center

Trinity River Audubon Center is a perfect example of the spirit of humans to beautify even the seemingly useless things, as the former dump has now got a completely new look, thanks to the efforts of the Audubon Society. Hikers always cherish seeing a great variety of birds here that are attracted by wonderful wetlands of the area. The hikes here offer truly rejuvenating experience.

Dogwood Canyon

Dogwood Canyon is spread in 270 acre and is one of the newest but most promising additions. It has already become one of the most popular hiking spots in Dallas. Moreover, it is the only location in the US where one could see flowering dogwoods, a type of eastern tree, along with black-chinned hummingbirds, together at the same spot.