Unearthing Underrated Yet Incredibly Amazing Hikes In Dallas

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Dallas is a beautiful place that has a lot of natural attractions that instantly appeal the visitors. Locals love to embark upon a number of outdoor activities on weekends or whenever they find time. They are always thrilled to go hiking and discover some amazing trails in Dallas. Luckily, there is no dearth of some great trails here. Tourists too love visiting Dallas as the place has a lot to offer. So, the tourists could also explore some of the little known yet incredibly amazing hikes in Dallas. Some of these great trails or hikes are listed here.

Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center

The trails here extend 2-3 miles, and are located in Cedar Hill in Dogwood Canyon. There are some amazing hikes here, including the one that takes one to a height of 300 ft; thereby extending one from the canyon floor right to the top of the hill. Moreover, one gets a chance to see some of the exotic plants and birds as well on their way. For instance, one gets a chance to see the rare bird called ‘black-chinned Hummingbird.’

Oak Point Nature Preserve

It is a 7.9 mile loop actually that is full of great features. The loop offers a chance to the visitors to experience the great natural beauty. The views are appealing to the eyes and offer instant soothing effects. However, as the trails take one to the nature one could expect to see some wild creatures including foxes, snakes, opossums, etc. So, one must go well-prepared.

Besides, there are amazing options of plant-sighting, bird-watching, etc. The overall scenery is compelling.

North Shore Trail

North Shore Trail extends till 12 miles and is a treat to visit, especially because of the lake here. The experience of hiking the trail during the sunset time is amazing. Bikers love this spot because the trails are suitable for biking. Overall, the place offers great hiking experience.

Oak Cliff Nature Preserve

It is a 7.8 mile loop located in Oak Cliff. The preserve spans 121 acre area, and offers great refreshing experience to tourists. Moreover, one comes across two creeks while hiking the trails. There are a number of scenic wooded spots and open fields. So, visitors get a great chance to get closer to nature.

Harry Moss Trail

Harry Moss Trail is another unassuming yet thoroughly amazing spot to visit. There is a river along the way which is a great find for people. Nature lovers love to hike here since they get stunning views of the surroundings. There is a 5.5 mile loop to hike here. However, one must take proper precautions beforehand since there are a number of snakes in the area.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Mountain

Again, the spot acts as a great suburban oasis for people with its 2.2 mile loop. The mountain spans 200 acres of lush green area in the Blackland Prairie terrain. One is invariably delighted to observe nature closely and discover small twists, creeks, and turns that always give a feeling that one is far away from the civilized world. One comes across amazing species of wildlife as well.

Topmost Outdoor Activities To Do In Dallas

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Dallas is well-equipped with a number of green spaces and local parks, and has countless outdoor activities to offer to the locals as well as the tourists. One could enjoy with their family members in the best possible manner by getting involved in a number of outdoor activities including bike ride in mountains, and romantic picnic in spring blooms, to name a few. So, here is a list of topmost outdoor activities that one could do in Dallas.

White Rock Lake Park

White Rock Lake Park is an ideal location for spending one’s day. There is a whopping 1000 acres of area that is dedicated to wooded parklands, and then, there are biking and jogging trails covering 9 miles of area. Moreover, there are bird sanctuaries as well on the site. Tourists are invariably amazed to get breathtaking views of the Downtown from here. Besides, there are some stunningly relaxing fishing spots here. So, one could pack their delicious food items and simply head towards the park in order to enjoy their day in this peaceful and beautiful setting.

Trinity River Audubon Center

Trinity River Audobon Center is located on Trinity River’s banks, and provides visitors a chance to experience great variety of wildlife, local birds, and vegetation here by embarking upon the trails that are suitable for people of all ages. The authorities set up the area in order to make sure that they are doing their bit in reclaiming the natural environment of Dallas. Kids invariably love ‘Children’s Discovery Garden,’ which gives them a chance to get involved in gardening and be aware of conserving the environment. Also, the guided float trips that take one down Trinity River also make up for a perfect excursion.

Dallas Arboretum And Botanical Garden

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is a beautiful spot to visit as it has blooming flower beds, lush trees, and manicured lawns spread in 66 acres of area. Moreover, there is the unmistakable DeGolyer Mansion, which is a beautiful hacienda designed in Spanish style. Moreover, a number of festivals and special events are organised here throughout the year.

Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren Park was opened in 2012 and has been a great centre of attraction since then. There are a number of features of this park including a children’s playground, ping pong tables, putting green, and croquet play area, to name a few. Moreover, a number of concerts are also organised here throughout the year; so, tourists could always get witness the exhilarating atmosphere of such concerts.

Katy Trail

Katy Trail is a great location for all those who are looking for glimpses of incomparable scenery, superb trails, and proper safety. The trail is famous for biking and running paths; however, there are other things that one could get involved in, as kids love to explore the bamboo trees here. Moreover, the trail is properly lit during the night; so, it is suitable for night walkers and joggers as well.

Dallas Zoo

Visit to Dallas is certainly incomplete without paying a visit to the Dallas Zoo. The enchanting complex is a home to a dazzling array of wild animals.

Unearthing Greatest Museums In Dallas Offering Elevating Experience

Views Of Kimbell Art Museum

There are a number of things about Dallas that make it a world-class tourist destination. There is a dazzling array of natural locations that offer must sought-after relaxation to the tourists. Moreover, besides, a great variety of restaurants and hotels, the place has countless museums too that offer unlimited knowledge to tourists. The best part is the availability of a number of interactive exhibits in the museum that provide tourists a chance to actually touch the exhibits and learn things by doing. So, here are top class museums in Dallas that offer elevating and entertaining experience to visitors.

Kimbell Art Museum

Kimbell Art Museum has always been successful in casting a hypnotic spell over the tourists, who are invariably stunned by the stunning variety of exhibits here. The artworks are collected from various talented artists all over the world, and in fact, the museum has sweeping artefacts from Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. There are a number of paintings from such great painters as Ruisdael, Poussin, and Guercino, to name a few. Moreover, there is the unmistakable Renzo Piano Pavilion which was recently constructed. Also, the pick of the lot are the travelling exhibits including ‘Islamic Art’ and ‘The Impressionists.’

Nasher Sculpture Center

Nasher Sculpture Center has become a popular landmark in Dallas, thanks to the great collection of exhibits here. The best part is that visitors could touch the exhibits as well. Besides, docent guided tours, self-guided tours, and student tours are offered for tourists.

Perot Museum Of Nature And Science

Parrot Museum of Nature and Science became an instant hit among the general public ever since it came into being. The best part is the availability of a large variety of exhibits here including hands-on, imaginative, and whimsical exhibits. And, there are a huge number of permanent exhibits here including dinosaur skeletons. One is instantly attracted to the great architectural design of the building which is a perfect blend of science and art. The museum is named after Ross Perot, who made it a point to have some unique and compelling exhibits in the museum that could hold the attention of the tourists. This is the reason one is able to locate earthquakes, hands-on activities, music, and virtual reality here.

Fort Worth Museum Of Science And History

Forth Worth Museum of Science and History has always strived hard to provide the best experience to tourists. It was, in fact, Texas’ first children’s museum. Now, it has a number of exciting exhibits including sketches of dinosaurs, exhibits detailing about oil drilling technology, etc. Besides, there are a number of temporary exhibits as well including the favourite exhibits like Chuck Jones, the Indian Jones, etc.

JFK Sixth Floor Museum

Visit to Dallas is certainly incomplete without paying visit to JFK Sixth Floor Museum. It is called ‘Sixth Floor Museum’ simply because it is located on the sixth floor of the building. The museum provides a great insight into the incidents that conspired on the infamous day, that is, November 22, 1963 which led to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. So, one could see a number of things detailing about the incident including videos, artefacts, interviews, etc.

Unearthing Extremely Beautiful Hikes To Explore In Dallas

Picture Of Leonhardt LagoIn At The Fair Park In Dallas

Dallas has always attracted a great number of tourists from all over the world. The best part about visiting Dallas is that besides the glittering city and amazing marketplaces there is a great variety of natural spots here that offer truly invigorating experience. So, there is no dearth of beautiful trails here that never fail to mesmerize the visitors. Here are some of the great trails to traverse in Dallas for experiencing that hypnotic and magnetic charm.

Cedar Ridge Preserve

Cedar Ridge Preserve is a wonderful trail near the famous Joe Pool Lake. It is a hilly trail that provides incredible vistas. There are countless creeks on the way that offer welcome respite to the hikers. One could sit on the benches under the shade, and hear to the melodious sounds of birds. The whole experience is thoroughly refreshing and calming. It is hard not to get hypnotized by the surroundings.

Spring Creek Forest Trail

Spring Creek Forest Trail is cherished by all those who crave for solitude. It is a great trail for people who love to commune with nature. The dirt trail leads one into the forests full of walnut and oak trees. The best part about hiking here is that it is not crowded at all. So, one could sit on the way and contemplate about life, and the tranquil atmosphere is perfectly suitable for this.

Texas Buckeye Trail

Texas Buckeye Trail is for all those who are looking for unlimited adventure and fun. It is a great hike that takes one to a completely different world, especially after one passes through Trinity River Levee. There are stunning sites on the way that the trail offers, as one could see swamp privet beautifully covered in unmistakable yellow blossoms. And then, there is the grove solely of buckeye trees, right along Trinity’s banks. A number of birds are attracted by this mesmerizing setting, including hummingbirds and wild bees. Adventure loving people could always head further inside and explore the wild regions, and probably reach the point of contact of Trinity River with White Rock Creek.

Piedmont Ridge

Piedmont Ridge is another great trail that offers great solitude to people. The surrounding vistas have overpowering influence on people and they are seen to put into trance by the mesmerizing setting of the place. The trail is easily accessible via Grover Keeton Park. The trail takes one along an unmistakable white rock escarpment. However, it is a real fun trekking this hilly path.

Lower Wetland Cells

Lower Wetland Cells trail offers people a chance to connect with nature. One could also see the skyline in the distance though. The trails are of dirt and gravel and quite easy to hike. So, the trails are suitable for all sorts of travellers. The best part about hiking the trail is that one comes across a number of birds here, like kestrels, white pelicans, etc.

Lemmon Lake

The trail leading to Lemmon Lake is really refreshing. One comes across such birds as roseate spoonbills, white-faced ibis, and wood storks, to name a few. The atmosphere is tranquil. One gets plenty of chance to connect with nature here.

Exhilarating Hiking Trails In Dallas That Offer Truly Great Experience

Woman Tracking Is Hills

Dallas is a great city that has all sorts of modern facilities for the visitors. Tourists are always amazed to see a dazzling array of restaurants, hotels, entertainment complexes, etc. in the city. However, there are some tourists who are always looking to go beyond the normal city life. They want to explore the nature, and fortunately, there is no dearth of amazingly beautiful spots in Dallas. There is a great range of hiking trails in the vicinity of Dallas that offer truly rejuvenating experience to the visitors.

Trinity Audubon Center

The spot is just 17 minutes ride from Downtown Dallas. The best part is that there are eight trails here, and each one has its own special characteristics. There is the beautiful Cattail Pond Trail, which gives the tourists a chance to witness the exotic wildlife in the region. Families could always take the Trinity River Trail that takes them to the butterfly garden, which is a great spot for picnicking. The best part is the efforts of the authorities here to make it possible for the wheelchair bound people to have completely hassle-free entry into the center. So, all the trails are easily accessible via wheelchairs as well, and the management too provides wheelchairs to the visitors.

Dogwood Canyon

Dogwood Canyon is always loved by kids since they like the shady play area that abounds in nature’s beauty. The trails are incredibly beautiful, especially during the spring season when the flowers are blossoming all over the area. However, the weather is sunny in Dallas all throughout the year, so, the place is suitable to be visited at any time. Adventure loving people like to embark upon the West Loop Trail that takes one to a height of 150 feet. The best part is the organisation of various programs by the authorities here throughout the year including yoga workshops for kids, and nature lecture series, to name a few.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is a befitting place for all those who love to revel in their solitude and commune with nature. There is the Outer Loop Trail that takes one to a preserve that spans 200 acre of area. So, one could always enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of this place, and get much sought after respite from the hectic city life. The panoramic views from the top of the hill are really spellbinding.

Cedar Ridge Nature Center

Cedar Ridge Nature Center has natural surface trails that spread in 8 miles of area. The attractive part is that the place is suitable for all sorts of hikers, since there are trails that have no hills like Woods Trail, and at the same time, there are trails like Fossil Valley Trail which has 100 feet incline. There are 13 beautiful trails to choose from. Moreover, one never gets lost here since all the trails have proper signage that enables hassle-free navigation through the Cedar Ridge Natural Center. There is the Cattail Pond here, right in the midway, which offers serene atmosphere to the visitors. A lot of tourists take a break here and click selfies while sitting on the wooden benches here.

Old And Unassuming Eating Spots In Dallas Serving Amazingly Appetizing Food

Picture Of Delicious Food

Dallas is inundated with restaurants currently. There is a dazzling array of restaurants serving all sorts of foods to the expectant diners. And, it never fails to greet them. There are new restaurants adorning the food culture of Dallas regularly; however, amidst this chaotic proliferation of restaurants, and the craze of the restaurateurs to garner fame either on the basis of sprawling building of the restaurant, or prime location of the restaurant, there still exist those quaint, quite, and unassuming spots that are able to attract huge crowds simply on the basis of top class quality that they provide. Here is a list of such unpretentious yet highly crowded locations in Dallas that are a must to visit.

Nazca Kitchen

Nazca Kitchen is located at a shopping strip just off Walnut Hill, still the restaurant draws great crowd, as the diners come here to savour the appetizing dishes including, fish tacos-served in zesty roast chicken and butter lettuce leaves, juice blends, Perico Wrap- the perennial favourites consisting of meats, eggs, fried yuca, and veggies, etc.

Big Daddy’s Convenience Store

This amazing spot that offers mouth-watering fried chicken is situated in inconspicuous mini-mart; still, foodies have always been a big fan of this restaurant and could think of no other name in Dallas when it comes to eating top quality fried bird. Moreover, other dishes of the restaurant are equally appealing and mesmerizing, like fried chicken salad- consisting of tomatoes, a layer of lettuce forming the base, and the aromatic pickles that come topped with meat, which is again, prepared on the spot after receiving the order.

La’ Me

La’ Me has carved a niche for itself when it comes to serving Vietnamese food. And, it is located in the pan-Asian land, that is, Bistro B. It is a family run restaurant and bakery serving lip-smacking scrumptious dishes including, pho, bun cha gio, banh mi, to name a few. The flavours are simply mind-boggling.


Local in Deep Ellum has always remained at the top, despite the cropping up of new eateries every now and then. This dimly lit spot endeavours to provide freshly prepared dishes, whose ingredients are obtained right from the farm. The dishes include modern American ones, but European influence can’t be ruled out as well. People are overpowered by handmade ravioli, stout-braised rib, ahi tartare, etc.

Kazy’s Gourmet Shop

Kazy’s Gourmet Shop is basically the supplier of seafood, mainly sushi-grade seafood, to the Japanese eateries in Dallas; still, there is the in-house dining arrangement as well, where the diners could order their favourite dishes including nigiri, sushi, dumplings, and sashimi, to name a few.

Pho Truong

Pho Truong in Richardson has always been a popular spot for savouring traditional Vietnamese soup, which comes loaded with all sorts of beefy options that one could imagine including toothsome brisket, marbled tendon, hearty meatball, and silken filet. One could also savour the unforgettable taste of seafood pho that is served along with fish balls and shellfish. Apart from this, there are these exceptional rice and noodle bowls that are stuffed with grilled meats. And, all these dishes could be befittingly accompanied with rejuvenating tapioca-decked mesmerizing smoothies.

Dallas’ Must-Visit Restaurants That Offer Terrific Dining Experience

People Eating On A Restaurant

Dallas is a hot-tourist destination as it has a number of tourist attractions. The place is teaming with tourists all round the year. Locals realized about the importance of developing the tourism industry long ago, and as a result of their efforts, one could now locate some startling hotels and restaurants in the region. Most of the tourists appreciate the hospitality industry of the region, including the restaurants that serve the luscious food that is sure to tempt even the most jaded palate. Some of the must-visit restaurants of Dallas that offer excellent dining experience are listed here.

Pecan Lodge

Hundreds of food joints in Dallas are envious of the reputation enjoyed by Pecan Lodge; however, neither the foodies nor the food joints nod their head in acknowledgement when it comes to the quality of the food provided by Pecan Lodge. Visitors also appreciate the food at Pecan Lodge as soon as they taste it. Some of the hot favourite dishes of the visitors include pulled pork, beef ribs, jalapeno sausage, Southern fried chicken, to name but a few.

Pepe’s And Mito’s Mexican Café

People in Dallas are always in the lookout of the dishes that represent the blend of the American and Mexican cuisines, which goes by the name of Tex-Mex. Pepe’s and Mito’s Mexican Café in Deep Ellum has carved a niche for itself when it comes to serving the dishes from this genre. Some of the dishes are the tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, and the bowl of queso that is served along with the chips.

Off-Site Kitchen

Off-Site Kitchen is the place that satiates the desires of the foodies who are always looking for that succulent burger. The place provides the best griddled patties, and the pick of all the patties is ‘four-patty beast’, which is going to test the claims of all the foodies who boast of their capacity to eat a large portion of meal without any qualms.

Five Sixty

Five Sixty has come to be equated with elegance. It is located in the Reunion Tower and offers one such a magnificent and royal feeling of eating the most delicious dishes while enjoying the view of the towering buildings of Dallas at the same time. The views of the city from the restaurant are simply breathtaking, and they surely elevate a person’s dining experience.

Norma’s Café

Norma’s Café has come to be regarded as the place that excels in providing typical home cooked Southern style food. Some of the dishes adorning the menu include fried catfish, chicken fried steak, meatloaf, dumplings and chicken, along with the buttery, creamy, and luscious dishes made from bacon.


Dallas has much more to offer to the visitors, and the tourists realize this when they see a menu that is full of exotic seafood. The place has carved a niche for itself when it comes to offering the graceful dining experience as one could find the faultless customer service, freshly prepared and authentic Japanese dishes, and the elegantly designed interior of the restaurant as simply otherworldly.


Well, if the tourists are looking for the classical steaks then they should look no further than Knife, the place that has come to be regarded as the place offering the best steaks in the area.

Benefits of Fruit Extracts

Woman holding an orange

Along with gold, Orogold uses some superb natural ingredients that are safe on the skin. At Orogold, we use some of the best fruit extracts in many of our products which help give amazing results that we as a skin care brand have to offer. Let us understand more about such extracts and know why Orogold chose these ingredients over others.

Dried and fresh fruits are often used in their extract form as it proves to be a cost-effective alternative. Moreover, the fruit’s color, flavour, pigments, sugar, taste and acids which together form the nutritional value of the fruit are completely preserved in the extracts. Also, the fruit is converted into a concentrated form so that it can be easily used and stored as needed.

• Fruit extracts have a wonderful aroma and this makes them quite useful as an ingredient in shampoos and conditioners. They are also used in production of bath soap and other products as they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, polyphenols and phytochemicals. The extracts contain all the essential elements and nutrients which help your body overcome the wear and tear it experiences all day long. Synthetic and artificial products on the other hand do not contain any essential oils which offer an array of health benefits to the human body.

• Another area where fruit extracts have been found to be quite helpful is skin care products. This is exactly why Orogold chose it as an active ingredient in many of its products. Fruit extracts help the skin to remain healthy for many years and sustains it elasticity. It achieves so by the vitamins present in the extracts that boost the skin cells immunity and reduce skin diseases and problems considerably. The antioxidants in the extracts get absorbed into the skin and destroy free radicals which might damage skin cells and tissues if left unattended for long. The antioxidants also prevent the skin from aging and help maintain its smoothness and glow and give way to younger-looking skin.

• Diet supplements too have found use of fruit extracts. The acai fruit extract helps to reduce diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease for instance. It is also helpful in reducing cholesterol levels due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids in it. Lower cholesterol mean reduced chances of heart attacks and strokes and lower blood pressure levels too. Another advantage of this fruit extract is that it enhances the elasticity of the arteries near the heart.