OROGOLD Store Review, Dallas, TX

Dallas, the city that has constantly been in record and news for one reason or the other, is one of the major attractions in the state of Texas. From the meteoric rise into a major city, to being a prairie trading outpost, Dallas never fails to attract its tourists all the year round. Talking of historical importance, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in this city. But what made Dallas an internationally famed city are its tourism hotspots which have beguiled thousands of tourists from all across the globe. Those, who visit USA, should make their plan to visit Dallas. From its state-of-art architectural constructions to majestic natural beauty, Dallas has in store something for everyone. Fun-filled nightlife, clubbing, partying, eateries, culinary experiences – Dallas has more than one reason to keep you fall in love with. And for all these, it is rightly termed as the most magical city in the state of Texas.

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Although you might be a bit hesitant about the cowboy and the cheerleader culture, at the end of the day you are bound to like it!

Now after the entire party spree, the trip will remain incomplete if you do not go for shopping in Dallas. It is the nest for the fashion extravaganza. Name any brand, and you will get it in Dallas. Local stores have the exclusive Dallas products but for the brand conscious shoppers, there are innumerable international brand shops for boutiques, accessories, and skin care products.

The Galleria Dallas is one of the best places to enjoy the shopping experience in Dallas. It is an upscale shopping mall which is designed after the Houston Galleria. One of the most interesting features is the glass vaulted ceiling in the mall which has been inspired from the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Italy. The skating rink is also another major tourist attraction. With more than 200 stores and restaurants, this popular mall is indeed a boastful destination for the city.

On level 2 of the Galleria Dallas, customers can find the OROGOLD Dallas Store. It is close to the Just Stringz and Bellagio Jewelers stores. Like all the other 22 shops running worldwide, the OROGOLD Dallas Store also has the black and gold theme. They have the best of the skin care products along with the free facial and free sample products. The specialized skin care experts will help you chose the accurate product depending on you need. Be ready to experience one of the finest luxurious shopping experiences.

OROGOLD Dallas store has a variety of wonderful skin care products that can benefit your skin and allow you to get rid of major skin concerns. When it comes to choosing natural skin care products that are luxurious and effective, our OROGOLD store in Dallas stands out. Orogold products help to improve different skin ailments and different signs of aging. It helps fine lines, age spots, and irregular pigmentation to fade away. The enlarged pores will also decrease within some time leaving your skin with that beautiful glowing look that you always wanted.

OROGOLD Review 1 
The other day at the mall, I was running from one store to another buying all that I needed and desired 😉 when I suddenly came across the Orogold Store and couldn’t help but stop in front of it to look at the beautiful white and gold decor that was dipping in style and luxury. Suddenly a salesgirl stepped out of the store and asked me to try a free sample of some moisturizer that this brand had to offer.

I wasn’t really interested in buying any cosmetics at the moment neither did I have the time and this is why I tried to avoid her and walk past by. However, she was very friendly and courteous and just by looking at my skin she was able to do a quick analysis of it which impressed me quite a bit. I didn’t want to sound rude and that is why I decided to step in for just a moment and then carry out my errands.

On entering the store I was completely zapped by the amazing and appealing interiors that made a style statement of their own. The store was beautifully done up and was unlike other skin care stores that I had visited before.

I was seated on this extremely comfortable sofa while the salesgirl briefed me on what Orogold was about and what kind of ingredients it used in its products. The mere mention of the word ‘gold’ made me wonder if this salesgirl was joking or not. I mean I had heard about Cleopatra use Gold in her beauty regime but getting to use something similar in today’s time seemed wonderful enough.

True to her word, the moisturizer she used on my skin had pure gold flecks on it and was known as the 24K Deep Day Moisturizer Cream. Within 2 minutes of its application, my skin started feeling so soft and smooth and a distinct glow appeared on the area. I was amazed at the striking difference between the parts where the cream was applied and where it wasn’t.

It was then that I decided to purchase the product without fail even though the price tag that came with it made me wonder for a minute if I was making the right choice or not.

Trust me, it has been more than 10 days since I made the purchase and am so happy about it that I cannot wait for my moisturizer to finish so I can go back for a refill. But this small thing just doesn’t seem to finish!!

OROGOLD Review 2
Dallas had always been my favourite shopping destination since a huge number of stores from the top international brands were located across all the leading shopping malls in this city. Among all the popular shopping malls in Dallas, the Galleria Dallas is, according to me, one of the finest. This time also I managed to visit Galleria Dallas on my business trip to Dallas. I was looking for something exclusive at the Bellagio Jewelers store situated on level 2 for our next wedding anniversary, which I could buy for my wife as an anniversary gift, but could find anything that would suit my wife’s taste and liking. As I was coming out of this store the name of the Orogold store drew my attention.

The store was aesthetically embellished, the dominant colours enhancing the luxurious look of the store being white, black and gold. As soon as I got into the store, the store attendant greeted with a broad smile and asked whether I would like to buy anything particular from the 24K Orogold men’s products. I explained her that I was looking for something special for my wife, which would meet her requirements.

As the store attendant was explaining me about the effectiveness of gold in skincare products I was really fascinated. As I had no demand for any particular product, she explained me in brief about all the Orogold skincare products. As I was listening to her the idea of gifting a 24K mask to my wife came to mind since I had no clear idea of which product she would prefer but I had seen her using masks on a regular basis.

The store attendant explained me about the usefulness of the three sorts of 24K masks – 24K Nano Hydra Silk Mask, 24K Collagen & Seaweed Mask and Termica Energizing Mask. As she went on explaining I got it that the rejuvinating gold mask known as the 24K Nano Hydra Silk Mask is ideal for making the skin bright and silky as it is enriched in Vitamin E, Caprylyl Methicone, extracts of several fruits such as the Acai fruit and other types of unique elements. Moisturizing the skin was one of the most important objectives of this Orogold product. I was really impressed how the store attendant explained to me every minute detail regarding the effectiveness and usefulness of this mask so I purchased this Orogold product as a very special gift for my wife, with which I thought of taking her by surprise on our wedding anniversary.

Skin Treatments at the OROGOLD Store in Dallas
Nothing beats the skin treatment and different skin nurturing facials offered at the OROGOLD store Dallas. It is because the ingredient list is a combination of effective herbs, natural organic ingredients, and 24K gold that will enhance the natural functioning of your skin. The cells in the skin will regenerate. You can take different skin treatments at the store itself and also use the skin care products on a daily basis for different skin problems. The use of harsh chemicals in the products is eliminated, and the creams lotions or masks will repair your skin deeply.

When it comes to safe and natural beauty products, OROGOLD is the most trusted name. At the store, the skin specialists will advise you on the most effective ways to treat clean and protect your skin by using some of the products offered at the OROGOLD store. The specialists will also offer you the most beneficial treatment for your skin. The typical skin conditions that are ruining your look can be treated easily with the usage of OROGOLD products, and as you use the products daily, you will start feeling better.

It is a difficult or hectic task to give intensive skin care, but you can still pamper your skin using the OROGOLD products and offer a good skin care to yourself. It will help to delay the natural aging process, and in case you are seeing signs of aging, then some skin treatments at the store can help you get rid of that as well. Your lifestyle, stress, and other habits can also take a toll on your skin. Uncontrolled stress, smoking, and drinking may lead to acne breakouts or other skin problems. The OROGOLD range of products can give the exact nourishment to the skin that it is missing and results can be more dramatic than you expect.

Achieve a Beautiful Look with OROGOLD Skin Care Products
It’s not easy to stop time but it is possible to turn back the clock. The signs of aging will come as you age, but achieving a gorgeous and beautiful look is always possible. You do not need to go through any type of cosmetic treatment and still attain a natural and beautiful look with the OROGOLD range of skin care products at the Dallas store. You can easily combat these undesirable aging signs with our terrific range of skin care product that are just for you.

No matter what skin type or problem you facing, a radiant and younger looking skin is easy to achieve. We at OROGOLD store offer you lavish skin care which I simply remarkable. The products are created using clinically proven ingredients in which the presence of gold is what makes them more unique. It’s unique because the presence of gold is there. Gold has a high potency that defies aging and its effects to your skin.

You get the skin care products at OROGOLD Dallas store that actually work tremendously on your skin. You can always expect something different and unique at our store because we address your skin needs happily and seriously. Our Skin experts are happy to help you and assist you diligently from the moment you step into our store. They are experienced skin specialists who offer you accurate skin treatment options that allow you to get rid of various skin problems. Whether it’s aging, acne or any other skin concern, you will always get the best skin care solution from our skin experts.

Products that Work
You may be aware of various skin care products available in the market, but how many of them work and how fast they work? At OROGOLD store Dallas, you will find various skin products on the shelves that are designed wisely for various skin concerns. So, whether you have a simple skin concern or a complex one, you will find all the skin solutions at just one place, OROGOLD store. We make sure you enjoy good skin care with us.

The skin care products will enhance the production of collagen and decrease the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and pigmentation. The aging problems will relieve you soon. Your skin suppleness and firmness will be achieved aging that in turn will enhance your self-esteem and confidence.

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    Jackie is wonderful! He explained the product very well, very knowlleable. My girlfriend and I will come back.

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    My experience here was fantastic!!!!me and my husband were on our honeymoon and they were wonderful!!!definitely coming back!!!

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    The staff was very friendly and knowledgable of their products!

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    Great expireance, I’m amazed from the results after just one time, and the orogold team was very professional.

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    Great experience with Orogold cosmetics had a wonderful time with these guys, thanks a lot in dallas

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    September 8, 2014 at 11:46 pm

    Matthew was very helpful and kind! Showed me everything about the product and fell in love with the deep peeling because of Matthew. Thank you! Very excited to try this out at home.

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    Customer service is exceptional. Great service and great products. Will be purchasing more items.

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    Beatiful Store, nice experience. Looking forward to results .

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    I can tell that I love the treatment …and the guy Joey ,he is so nice and professional.
    Thank you orogold!

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