Old And Unassuming Eating Spots In Dallas Serving Amazingly Appetizing Food

Picture Of Delicious Food

Dallas is inundated with restaurants currently. There is a dazzling array of restaurants serving all sorts of foods to the expectant diners. And, it never fails to greet them. There are new restaurants adorning the food culture of Dallas regularly; however, amidst this chaotic proliferation of restaurants, and the craze of the restaurateurs to garner fame either on the basis of sprawling building of the restaurant, or prime location of the restaurant, there still exist those quaint, quite, and unassuming spots that are able to attract huge crowds simply on the basis of top class quality that they provide. Here is a list of such unpretentious yet highly crowded locations in Dallas that are a must to visit.

Nazca Kitchen

Nazca Kitchen is located at a shopping strip just off Walnut Hill, still the restaurant draws great crowd, as the diners come here to savour the appetizing dishes including, fish tacos-served in zesty roast chicken and butter lettuce leaves, juice blends, Perico Wrap- the perennial favourites consisting of meats, eggs, fried yuca, and veggies, etc.

Big Daddy’s Convenience Store

This amazing spot that offers mouth-watering fried chicken is situated in inconspicuous mini-mart; still, foodies have always been a big fan of this restaurant and could think of no other name in Dallas when it comes to eating top quality fried bird. Moreover, other dishes of the restaurant are equally appealing and mesmerizing, like fried chicken salad- consisting of tomatoes, a layer of lettuce forming the base, and the aromatic pickles that come topped with meat, which is again, prepared on the spot after receiving the order.

La’ Me

La’ Me has carved a niche for itself when it comes to serving Vietnamese food. And, it is located in the pan-Asian land, that is, Bistro B. It is a family run restaurant and bakery serving lip-smacking scrumptious dishes including, pho, bun cha gio, banh mi, to name a few. The flavours are simply mind-boggling.


Local in Deep Ellum has always remained at the top, despite the cropping up of new eateries every now and then. This dimly lit spot endeavours to provide freshly prepared dishes, whose ingredients are obtained right from the farm. The dishes include modern American ones, but European influence can’t be ruled out as well. People are overpowered by handmade ravioli, stout-braised rib, ahi tartare, etc.

Kazy’s Gourmet Shop

Kazy’s Gourmet Shop is basically the supplier of seafood, mainly sushi-grade seafood, to the Japanese eateries in Dallas; still, there is the in-house dining arrangement as well, where the diners could order their favourite dishes including nigiri, sushi, dumplings, and sashimi, to name a few.

Pho Truong

Pho Truong in Richardson has always been a popular spot for savouring traditional Vietnamese soup, which comes loaded with all sorts of beefy options that one could imagine including toothsome brisket, marbled tendon, hearty meatball, and silken filet. One could also savour the unforgettable taste of seafood pho that is served along with fish balls and shellfish. Apart from this, there are these exceptional rice and noodle bowls that are stuffed with grilled meats. And, all these dishes could be befittingly accompanied with rejuvenating tapioca-decked mesmerizing smoothies.

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