Benefits of Facial Masks

Woman enjoying a facial mask treatment

With almost all skin care brands and spa centers offering a variety of facials mask treatments, one really wonders how effective and helpful such mask would be. Orogold’s Store in Dallas offers amazing 24K masks which help rejuvenate the skin and with active ingredients such as gold, collagen and seaweed to name a few, it helps clean, nourish and lighten the skin like never before. For all those who are still confused, let us understand the major benefits of facial masks:

  1. Mult-tasking – Facial masks not only clean the skin and gets rid of all kinds of dirt, dust and impurities but also moisturize it from deep within. However, it is vital to use the facial mask which suits your skin types and can help deal with the kind of skin problem you are currently facing. Also ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the mask and that it suits you well.
  2. Controlled treatment – A cream based facial mask such as one that contains collagen helps to control how much of the mask you wish to apply on the face and whether you wish to apply it on the entire face or some parts of it only. This is especially helpful in cases where the mask is being used to cure some kind of skin problem such as acne or any kind of spots on the face.
  3. Relaxes and rejuvenates – Application of facial masks can be quite relaxing and rejuvenating. Our range of facial masks containing seaweed offer the goodness of sea while the ones containing gold offer all that this unique metal has to offer. It lightens the skin tone gradually and also gives it a fresher look.
  4. Ease of use – Facial masks offer ease of use and are ideal for people who cannot spend a lot of time on their daily skin care regime every morning. One can do away with the worry of layering one product over another or apply fancy items. All one needs to do is apply one of our facial masks, wait for a bit and then rinse off to get beautiful looking skin.
  5. Portable – Facial masks are extremely portable as it is just what you need when on the move to look beautiful and radiant wherever you go. As we have learnt before, facial masks take care of all your facial cleaning needs and also act like a scrub taking away the trouble of carrying both these products with you. It helps you achieve a desired look without occupying too much space in your carry.

Benefits of Fruit Extracts

Woman holding an orange

Along with gold, Orogold uses some superb natural ingredients that are safe on the skin. At Orogold, we use some of the best fruit extracts in many of our products which help give amazing results that we as a skin care brand have to offer. Let us understand more about such extracts and know why Orogold chose these ingredients over others.

Dried and fresh fruits are often used in their extract form as it proves to be a cost-effective alternative. Moreover, the fruit’s color, flavour, pigments, sugar, taste and acids which together form the nutritional value of the fruit are completely preserved in the extracts. Also, the fruit is converted into a concentrated form so that it can be easily used and stored as needed.

• Fruit extracts have a wonderful aroma and this makes them quite useful as an ingredient in shampoos and conditioners. They are also used in production of bath soap and other products as they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, polyphenols and phytochemicals. The extracts contain all the essential elements and nutrients which help your body overcome the wear and tear it experiences all day long. Synthetic and artificial products on the other hand do not contain any essential oils which offer an array of health benefits to the human body.

• Another area where fruit extracts have been found to be quite helpful is skin care products. This is exactly why Orogold chose it as an active ingredient in many of its products. Fruit extracts help the skin to remain healthy for many years and sustains it elasticity. It achieves so by the vitamins present in the extracts that boost the skin cells immunity and reduce skin diseases and problems considerably. The antioxidants in the extracts get absorbed into the skin and destroy free radicals which might damage skin cells and tissues if left unattended for long. The antioxidants also prevent the skin from aging and help maintain its smoothness and glow and give way to younger-looking skin.

• Diet supplements too have found use of fruit extracts. The acai fruit extract helps to reduce diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease for instance. It is also helpful in reducing cholesterol levels due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids in it. Lower cholesterol mean reduced chances of heart attacks and strokes and lower blood pressure levels too. Another advantage of this fruit extract is that it enhances the elasticity of the arteries near the heart.

Skin Benefits of Juniper Essential Oil

Mother Nature offers a number of oils that are very beneficial for our health. One such oil that we are been talking about is the juniper oil. Juniper is a berry that is found in abundance in the nature. These berries are used for deriving the essential oils from them. The oil that is derived from the juniper berries possesses some very beneficial nutrients that are amazing for the health of our skin. Let us find out the benefits that our skin can gain by the application of the juniper essential oil.

Juniper oil

Heals Infection

The juniper essential oil is antiseptic in nature. The nutrients present in the oil keeps the infections away. In case you are suffering from any skin infection, application of this particular oil on the skin can provide instant relief.

Cleanses the Skin

The antioxidants and the other nutrients and minerals present in the juniper oil keeps the skin cells and tissues nourished. It also clears the impurities from the skin. As a result, the skin appears to be fresh and smooth.

Skin Diseases can be Treated

The oil derived from juniper berries is very rich in antimicrobial properties. These properties prevent the skin from getting infected by the pathogens. In case you are suffering from the skin diseases such as acne; application of juniper essential oil can be perfect for getting rid of them.

Prevents the Burn from the Sun

It is a rich source of antioxidants. If the juniper essential oil is regularly applied as a massage on the skin, the sun rays are restricted from entering the skin cells. As a result, the skin does not suffer burning in the sun. As we know that the solar rays consist of harmful radiations that can cause all sorts of skin issues. The juniper oil prevents the chances of such skin problems as well.

Juniper essential oil is a perfect ingredient that can be helpful for fighting several skin problems. So, if you are been facing serious problems regarding the skin, this particular natural oil can be your friend. The most important fact is that the juniper berries are provided in the nature in abundance. All you need to do is just use steam to get the oil out of it. You can also buy juniper essential oil from the market.

What do you do if you’re looking for an easier way to have healthier skin? Try out our range of Orogold products that are sure to offer long lasting results. It’s simple and amazing!

Skin and Hair benefits of Vanilla

We are all fond of vanilla flavored ice creams because of their yummy taste. When the sun is out there and generating enormous amounts of heat, a cup of vanilla ice-cream can be perfect for refreshing our mood. Not only as ice creams, but many of us also like the birthday cakes with vanilla icing as well. Once, we think of vanilla, an image of a creamy solution comes in our head. In fact, vanilla is just an herb, a herb that is also very beneficial for our skin and hair. If you were not aware of this fact then this article can be really helpful to understand the basic benefits that it our skin and hair has to get from the vanilla. Let us look into the details to figure out the needs of vanilla for our skin and hair.

VanillaEssential for Treating Acne

Vanilla is antibacterial in nature. Applying the extracts on the skin allows full protection of the skin from the various pathogens. Skin diseases such as acne are treated effectively by the nutrients present in vanilla.

Keeps the Skin Young and Refreshing

Free radicals are the main reason behind the damage of the skin cells. As a result, the skin appears old. The nutrients and antioxidants that are present in the vanilla fight these problems and keep the skin young and smooth.

Avoids Sun Burn

The antioxidants present in the vanilla extracts are the best agents for fighting the harmful radiation of the sun. These nutrients prevent the penetration of the UV rays into the skin cell. Thus the chances of sun burn are reduced.

Keeps the Hair Silky and Shiny

If some amounts of vanilla is mixed with Shea butter and applied on the hair, it turns silky. The hair attains natural shine and looks stylish.

Boosts the Growth of Hair

The vanilla is consisted of several essential oils that keep the hair strong. It promotes growth and strengthens the hair roots. As a result, the problems of hair loss are prevented with ease.

Vanilla can be effective for fighting various skin and hair problems. It not only prevents the damage of the skin and hair but also heals the existing skin and hair problems. Therefore, if you are dreaming of getting a great skin, vanilla can be perfect agent that has been provided by the nature.

How to Treat Scalp Psoriasis Using Natural Techniques?

Scalp psoriasis is a certain kind of disease that results in the appearance of red, flaky structures on the scalp. It has been seen that these diseases cannot be cured completely, but the disease can surely be tamed. The scalp psoriasis comes with the drying of the scalp, which tempts the person to scratch the surface. Often scratching the area can result into the bleeding of the scalp. It is often advised by the doctors not to use any chemical products for washing the scalp, once you have been infected by psoriasis. The reason is that the chemicals damage the cells and tissues, which worsens the situation. Well, the scalp disease can be treated using several natural products. Let us look into details for those products, which can help us to treat the scalp psoriasis.

Scalp problem

Olive oil

Olive oil is a rich source of essential nutrients that treats the problem of dry scalps. Enough water is regulated to the cells and tissues of the scalp, which allows the scalp to stay free of itch and dryness of the scalp is cured. To get the best results from the olive oil, you can massage your scalp using the oil at least twice a day. The problems of psoriasis can be treated efficiently.

Jojoba oil and Aloe Vera

Jojoba oil and the Aloe Vera are the best products available in the nature for fighting the hair and scalp problems. Apply the mixture of these two products on the scalp as a massage. Try this before going to sleep and wash the scalp in the morning. Repeating this process regularly can treat psoriasis in a matter of weeks

Flaxseed oil

Consumption of the oil derived from the flaxseed can prove to be extremely beneficial for our health. If the flax seeds are consumed in a raw state, the scalp is nourished from within, and all the problems related to scalp psoriasis can be treated.

Coconut oil

The best antibacterial and antifungal product available in the nature is the oil derived from the coconuts. If the coconut oil is applied on the scalp regularly, it can put a stop to the various scalp problems. Scalp psoriasis can be treated effectively by using coconut oil.

If you’re affected by this particular disease, you need not panic much. While the above list can help in the treatment, do not forget to consult a doctor for proper analysis.

Rose Water for Skin Care

Rose or Rose water is one of the most popular natural ingredients for skin care. It gives the skin a natural glow. Rose or Rose water has antioxidant properties that help to repair skin damage. Using rose water helps to manage stress and anxiety. It is very beneficial for our skin.

Let’s see as to why rose water is used for skin care.

Rose water

Rose water works as a facial toner:

There are many toners available in the market. But using rose water as a toner can surely do wonder for our skin. After cleaning the face, apply chilled rose water with a cotton ball. It tones up the skin naturally. Rose water has anti-bacterial properties that help soften the skin.

Benefits of rose water on lips:

Cut a beetroot then dries the pieces in the sun. Grind it to a powder properly. Add two tablespoon of rose water with the power and make a paste. Apply the paste on the lips. Leave it for 10 minutes on the lips and after that wash it off. It is the best way to keep the lips healthy naturally.

Rose water for eyes:

Apply rose water with a soft cotton ball to the eyes. It helps to give cooling effect on the eyes. It also helps to resist puffiness and dark circles.

Rose water as a daily moisturizer:

Add one tablespoon of rose water with one tablespoon of honey. Apply the solution on the face. We can use it as a natural moisturizer. It makes the skin soft and glowing.

Rose water as a cleanser:

Add few drops of rose water with ten drops of glycerin. Apply the solution on the skin. It can be used as a natural cleanser. It leaves the skin healthy and glowing.

Rose water as a sun protection:

Crush 20-25 tulsi leaves. Add 250 ml of rose water with it. Store the solution in a bottle. Apply it on the skin. It helps to give protection from sunburn. It reduces rashes and irrigation during the summer season.

Rose water for pimple:

Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with the same amount of rose water. Apply the solution on the skin thrice in a week. It helps to prevent pimple on the skin.

Remember, rose water cannot by itself offer you the skin protection you need. If you’re looking to use rose water, only use it after using your Orogold product. Our experts at our Orogold Dallas store will guide you on how to use the Orogold products to your advantage.

10 Home Remedies for Sunburn Treatment

Sunburns develop into the skin before they are visible. Using your Orogold products can do wonders. Made from natural ingredients, Orogold products are the right bet offering a complete protection from sunburns. However, if you’ve run out of your Orogold supply and are looking for some immediate relief from sunburns, here are some home remedies that you might want to know about.

Here are some tips that our readers can use.

Sun burn

Baking soda:

Due to its alkaline nature, baking soda is very good for sun burnt skin. The techniques are- in a bucket of cold water, add one cup of baking soda and allow it to soak for 15 minutes. Use that water to bathe and after that allow the body to air dry.


Oatmeal is also a very good component for treating the sunburned skin. It soothes the skin, reduces the irritation and preserve its moisture. In a bathtub or bucket full of water, add one cup of oatmeal and mix properly. Allow it to mix for about half an hour and then bathe with it. After that, allow the body to air dry! Repeat the dose till the sun-burnt skin issues vanish.

Aloe Vera:

It consists of several anti-inflammatory components that provide relief from sun-burnt symptoms. It also helps ease out the pain. Take the Aloe Vera from the leaf and shove it inside the fridge for 30 minutes. After that, apply it on the sunburnt region! Allow it to stay till the skin absorbs its medicinal properties. Repeat the doses till the issue gets resolved.

Black Tea:

Take about three tea bags and stir in hot water. Then remove the bags and allow it to cool down a bit. Take a piece of clean cloth, dip it and apply it on the sun burnt skin. Allow it to stay for some time till it is completely soaked to the skin. Repeat the dose till the problem gets resolved.

Apple cider vinegar:

In a bucket full of medium warm water, add one cup of apple cider vinegar and allow it to get soaked properly for 30 minutes. Bathe with that water and allow the body to air dry. Repeat the dose regularly till the problem is resolved

Cool compress:

Take a hand full of ice cubes and wrap it around a clean piece of cloth. Keep the compression over the sun burnt skin for some time. This will reduce the inflammation and will provide relief to the skin.


Take one cup of skim milk and drop a few ice cubes into it. Allow it to stay for some time. Then take a clean piece of cloth, dip it and apply it over the affected region.

Coconut oil:

Warm the extra virgin coconut oil in the microwave and rub the oil over the affected area. Do it thrice daily and see the difference.


Take some raw honey and apply it over the affected skin. Allow it to be absorbed completely by the skin as it will provide relief to it. Do it three times in a day and see the change.


Cut two potatoes, throw them into the mixer and apply the paste over the affected region. Allow the juice to get absorbed into to the skin and then wash it off with water.



What’s Special In Orogold Products?

Some of the products in the Orogold range of products help you to get lightened skin tone, remove dark spots and make you look attractive and beautiful! Be it the complex peeling or bio-pigmentation mask, each one of them has their own benefits. Let us analyze some of these products and what benefits they have to offer to the skin. Dallas Galleria

  • Complex Peels – The complex peels from Orogold are extremely helpful in lightening the skin complexion and reducing visible dark spots. It is due to an overproduction of Melanin (a compound in the human skin) that dark spots are caused in the first place. Peels help to break apart Melanin in the skin and reduce the dark spots visibility, making the skin look radiant and even-toned.
  • Dark Spot Solution – Dark spot solutions are specifically designed to target those areas of the skin where discoloration and age spot occurs. Such solutions also help get rid of sun spots and blemish marks to make the skin look bright and free from all kind of spots. You will find vitamins in such solutions for best results.
  • Pigment Balancing Mask – As discussed before, Melanin is the compound that causes dark spots and discoloration on certain areas of the skin to appear and with age these spots simply refuse to go. A balancing mask helps to even out the appearance of your skin and brighten it thereby making you look young and beautiful. Most balancing masks are also enriched with vitamins for added benefits.
  • Skin Tone Moisturizer – Along with reducing the appearance of existing spots on the skin, skin tone moisturizers help to protect the skin from developing any future spots as well. Such moisturizers are loaded with SPF or Sun Protection Factor and help to protect the skin against the harmful rays of the sun. It is best to apply a skin tone moisturizer right before leaving the house.
  • Dark Circle Eye Solution – Dark circles are almost every woman’s problem as they make her eyes look dull and tired and take away the glow from the entire face. A dark circle eye solution will help to reduce the appearance of dark circles and make the skin in this area brighter and younger. Generally, using a very small amount of such a solution does the job. It also helps protect the skin in this area from the harmful UV rays. The skin starts feeling revitalized and refreshed and your face glows all day long.