About OROGOLD Dallas

About OROGOLD Dallas

They say that everything is bigger in the state of Texas and Dallas certainly does its bit to fulfil this promise. Dallas is a city that has always been in the world news for one reason or the other. There was a time when it became famous for its meteoric rise into a major city  from being a prairie trading outpost. There was also a time when it was talked about all over the world because President John F. Kennedy was assassinated here. However, today, Dallas is mostly talked about for being one of the best travel hotspots in the United States of America. The city is home to all sorts of unique sights and architectural delights and natural beauty can also be found aplenty. Wildlife lovers can choose from numerous avenues to check out exotic wildlife, while foodies simply cannot miss out on a trip to the local steakhouse. Dallas is believed to be the most magical city in the state of Texas and it actually offers things that legends are made of. The cheerleader and cowboy culture is all too evident and the nightlife isn’t all that bad either.

Dallas Galleria

One of the best things to do in Dallas is to shop. The city is home to all sorts of fashion labels, designers, local stores and unique products. In fact, tourists could spend an entire day shopping in Dallas and still not manage to cover everything that the city has to offer. One of the best places to shop in Dallas is the Galleria Dallas. Galleria Dallas is an upscale shopping mall that has been modelled after the Houston Galleria. Apart from containing all sorts of luxury stores, Galleria Dallas is also home to a glass vaulted ceiling that has been inspired by the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Italy and a skating rink. Today, this popular Dallas shopping destination boasts of hosting approximately 200 restaurants and stores. Some of the main brands in Galleria Dallas include Nordstrom, Macy’s, Gap, Belk, Steve Madden, Starbucks, Bellagio Jewelers, Crocs and Outfitters.

Dallas Texas OROGOLD - In Store View

The OROGOLD Dallas Store is also located in the Galleria Dallas. Customers can find us on Level 2, close to Just Stringz and Bellagio Jewelers. The OROGOLD Store in Dallas follows the same luxurious theme and designs that all OROGOLD Stores are known for. The rich white opulence coupled with the black and gold decors helps us to create the perfect setting to offer customers with luxurious treatments, amazing skin care solutions and free one-on-one skin consultations.

The OROGOLD Dallas Store specializes in making life simpler and easier for our customers and its sales representatives are highly trained to ensure that each customer has a pleasurable, hassle free and enjoyable experience while at the OROGOLD Store.

Come visit us at the OROGOLD Store in Galleria Dallas and transform the way you look at skin care with our free product trials, free consultations and free luxury facials in a separate VIP enclosure using the best skin care collections from OROGOLD.

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